About us

Queens Candy started in 2016 as Fashion Spot.  We are three sisters who live in different countries, but were raised in Panama.  We were always surrounded by entrepreneur parents who had an eye open for great ideas!

Because we live in different countries, getting together always means traveling!  And we wanted to do it in style.  We wanted to be able to attend to our family events looking glamorous, but without stressing out about losing our beautiful jewelry.

Initially we focused on pieces made with cubic zirconia.  We then started growing our lines with lab grown stones and also naturally mined stones.   We always specify on the description the type of stones used in each piece.

In 2023, we rebranded as Queens Candy.  You are all Queens! And we want to frost you with  a colorful array of candies (jewelry), with tons of colors, textures and trendy designs, at a price point where you can feel gorgeous without breaking the bank. 

We developed a line of jewelry to allow every girl to always stay on style and on trend - be it for every day or special occasions.

We also have a popular "Girls Jewelry" collection, tailored for the princesses at home - that want to wear cute earrings to school - but who tend to lose them after the second PE class!

Welcome to our magical world - where your jewelry dreams can come true!